NOR studios is an online store for sustainable children's clothing based in Dublin, Ireland. We love minimal, simple, high quality products that are made without harsh chemicals and are gentle on skin and on the environment. We source items which are ethically made from sustainable fibres such wool, linen and  organic cotton.


Natural fibres have thermoregulating properties, are durable and last a long time. We encourage our customers to take care of their items and wash only when needed, as this is the biggest change we can make to extend the life of our clothing, thus minimising the impact the textile industry has on our environment.


As a mother, I wanted to make sustainable clothing more accessible to other parents.The products we stock are the items that I have found to be a necessity in my children's wardrobe. We stock basic layers that you can add or remove depending on the weather. Our clothing is comfortable and versatile, giving children the freedom to PLAY.