r e   l o v e   -  h o w  i t  w o r k s 

Our Re Love collection offers gently worn or new clothes from previous seasons, that can be enjoyed and passed down through family, neighbours & friends.

Prices for these items are calculated as 30% of their original full price.


Purchases from NOR Studios can be re-cycled back to our store, provided they are in "gently used or like new" condition (no stains, rips, shrinkage) and they are returned within 2 years of purchasing.

On return, we will list them on our website for 30% original cost ( 25% of cost will be returned to you in the form of store credit and 5% of cost will go towards listing fees). e.g. an item you originally purchased for 100 euro will be re-listed as pre loved for 30 euro ( out of which you will receive a 25 euro store credit and 5 euro will contribute to listing fees).

By choosing to purchase an item from the Re Love Collection, you are reducing production of clothing and reducing the amount of clothing going to landfill, both actions have a huge positive impact on our planet. Knowing that our clothes may be valuable makes us learn to value them ourselves and to take good care of them. By gently cleaning when necessary, following instructions on care labels, repairing instead of disposing, we give value to our clothes, the plants / animals that produced them and the people that lovingly made them.

For this, we thank you.