Inspired by French under trousers, the Rain Pants are made for active children with a penchant for puddle jumping. These 100% waterproof pants allow the little ones to explore in the rain while staying dry and cozy. With up to 10cm of adjustable cuffing, snaps at the waistband, and both adjustable suspenders and stirrups, these pants are made to grow as your child grows, lasting at least 3 years. Their loose fit makes room for warm, wooly layers to wear into the colder months. Features: 100% recycled, windproof, machine washable, breathable, mud and dirt repellant, waterproof, made in Canada



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  • Faire Child is inspired by the joy of a child engaged in the outdoors, with total comfort and freedom, coupled with a transformative “Endlessly Reusable” model of environmental and social responsibility in childrens’ apparel.

    Their  garments invite children to immerse in their most important pursuits: making and playing in the outdoors. Faire Child support parents and educators in fostering curiosity and care for the natural world, without interruption from the weather. Faire Child pants, jackets and suits are completely waterproof, chemical free, made in Canada and are 100% recycled content and recyclable.

    Tabitha Osler, the designer behind Faire Child, is an advocate for getting outside. An ambassador for puddle jumping! She is a designer and most importantly, a mother. As a parent, she knew that we all want the best for our children. This includes a world with bounties of food, natural resources and access to clean water. 

    With all this in mind she created Faire Child. As there is an urgent change needed in the fashion industry she wanted to help other parents and kids be able to play, explore and fall in love with their natural world. Tabitha designed waterproof garments that allow children to be outdoors - everyday, all day, whatever the weather – and has done it in the most transparent way possible. All this so you can be confident that your Faire Child rain wear is kind to kids, parents and the planet. 

    Faire Child is proudly designed and produced in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in Canada.